Dáire Curran

Dáire Curran


Welcome to my Portfolio Website..🌱📚🔬

About me

I am a Cyber Security Engineer, passionate about leveraging Python automation to free up time for SOC analysts, enabling them to focus on proactive defence.

I specialise in Python scripting to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and improve a company’s security posture but I am comfortable working with a number of other programming languages such as Bash, Java, C and HTML. Experienced in working closely with the SOC and enhancing a companies cyber defence by administering, configuring and building custom integrations for security tooling such as SIEM and SOAR solutions. I am an innovative problem solver, and I channel my passion for software development into crafting tailored solutions to address the security challenges faced by companies.

Outside of sports, I am currently dedicating my non-work hours to preparing for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam.

Feel free to explore more about my journey, projects, and passions on the rest of the website.


Top Competencies

Web Scraping
Linux Administration
Project Management